Import clearance for incoming items

Goods coming from outside the EU countries or from the special areas of the EU's excise and value-added tax area may require customs declaration. They are forwarded to wait for customs clearance based on the decision of Finnish Customs. Posti will send a notice of arrival for the item to be cleared by SMS to the recipient.

We deliver items that do not need customs clearance to the recipient or to the nearest postal outlet.

Finnish Customs calculates the customs duty and taxes for the item, based on the item's customs value that also includes delivery costs.

Delivering postal item’s customs transit

Agree upon the customs transit with a forwarder acting as the store-keeper to whom the Finnish Customs have granted the status of an authorized recipient. We do not offer customs transit services, we only transport postal items when the customs transit has been carried out by an authorized company.

Authorized forwarders are listed on the Finnish Customs website. You can search for companies by entering the name of the city in the field. Authorized recipients (VV) are marked with an X in the right-hand column of the table.

The forwarding company is responsible for the pricing of their services.

These guidelines are valid from 1 February 2014.