Checklist for a company that moves

When your company moves, let us know as early as possible. In this way, our delivery is informed of your company's address details and is able to direct items to the new address.

How do I place my mailbox?

According to the Postal Act, Posti Ltd is obligated to determine the location of mailboxes. If the building has already a mailbox group ready, your company mailbox box should be placed in this group.

You must contact the Posti's Customer service. before mailbox placement. A local representative of Posti will contact you and specify the mailbox location according to your address. See more details about placing mailboxes.

Do you want the mailbox in the place you have chosen? Choose the Nearby Mailbox or P.O Box!

  • Nearby Mailbox: You can arrange for a paid postal delivery to the mailbox in your preferred location. Check out the Nearby Mailbox service.
  • P.O Box: By using a P.O. Box, you can collect your mail according to your own schedule and get it even faster than through day mail delivery. You will get a P.O. Box address and a locked P.O. Box at the location you selected. The post office box address does not depend on your company’s street address. Read more about P.O Box service