Purchase Order Number Order/Change

Instructions for filling out the form

The order/change of the PO number must be made at least one week before the desired date.

The PO number can be valid indefinitely or for a fixed time period, in which cases the validity of the PO number can be a full, half or a quarter of one year.

The PO number is printed on the front page of the bill under "Purchase order". The cost pool number can be added to the connection of the PO number. It will be printed on the front page of the invoice, section "Cost pool".
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Date field is required

Company Information

Company name field is required

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PO-number Information

Billing address number field is required

PO number field is required

Mark the validity period of the PO-number start-end , eg., July 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015.
The PO number can’t be added retroactively.

For example if the change relates to more than one billing address/PO number.

With this form we are only requesting the information we need to process the matter in question. Read more about personal data processing at Posti.