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As our customer, you get services according to your needs. For more information about easy and affordable mailing, read more about our Network service. When business is growing and you need diverse and flexible services, becoming a contract customer is the right choice.

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If you want to send packages easily, make it available online. There are competitive alternatives for home and abroad - both for packets and for valuable items.

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Do you send letters or e-invoices regularly? Learn more about our Network service. The benefits include company rates and tariffs, entitlement to VAT deductions, electronic tools and mailbox. You need online bank credentials and the authorization to sign for your company.

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Wouldn't it be convenient to get pick-up, mailing, warehousing and transport under one contract? All the elements that form a reliable and flexible chain from you to your customer. If one day the amount of goods to be transported doubles, you can trust that there is sufficient space for them both in our vehicles and on our warehouse shelves.

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