Product terms for parcels to change starting October 1, 2017


There will be changes made to parcel services' product terms. These will be effective starting October 1, 2017. The changes are related to the delivery times and storage periods for domestic parcels and compensation practices for international parcels.

Below you will find the key points concerning the coming changes. read more on the product terms page.

We are harmonizing the parcel delivery times and storage periods

The delivery times and storage periods for domestic parcels at the pickup points will be harmonized. The change will become effective on October 1, 2017, and it applies to Postal Parcel, Home Parcel, Posti Express Parcel, Small Item and Small Parcel services.

  • The items to be picked up will be ready for pickup from the pickup point on the date of arrival no later than 6:00 p.m. This applies to both outlets and parcel lockers.
  • In future, we will store the items at the pickup points for 7 days, after which they will be returned to the sender. If the sender has bought the Pickup reminder by mail additional service, the storage period is 14 days.
  • NEW! Posti Express Parcels sent to consumers can be picked up from their own building's Smartpost Parcel Locker. The addressee will receive a notice of arrival and the items will be ready for pickup no later than 6:00 p.m.

Active online shopping behind the change

Modern consumers are used to shopping and running errands also in the evening. Consumers are also rather active as more than 90% of parcels are collected within 5 days.

You should always ensure that the EDI message includes the recipient's mobile phone number and e-mail address so that your customer will receive automatic Item Tracking through Posti's mobile tracking as well as an electronic notice of arrival via SMS and e-mail. This speeds up the pickup of items and turnover of goods.

Renewal to improve home deliveries

Parcels delivered to home addresses don't always reach the addressees in the daytime when people are at work, which means the parcels are transferred to a Posti outlet for pickup. However, this renewal means that consumers will receive their orders directly to the parcel locker located inside their own building.

Compensation practices for international transport services to change

We will harmonize the compensation practices for Posti's international parcel services. The compensation sums for EMS parcels and the Parcel Connect service will be a maximum of EUR 500 in both services as of October 1, 2017.