The parcel pricing service will be replaced by the Posti SmartShip service by September 30, 2017


The parcel pricing service will be discontinued on September 30, 2017. Companies that are currently using the pricing service for parcels must start using Posti SmartShip by that date. The pricing service for letter items will remain unchanged.

See instructions on how to deploy the Posti SmartShip service and send parcels.

The change increases transparency and speeds up the delivery of parcels to customers

Thanks to the electronic advance information (EDI message) received via Posti SmartShip, the delivery of parcels to customers will be expedited by as much as 2-3 days, and the tracking of items will also be improved. The EDI message also makes it possible for the addressee to receive advance information regarding the parcel and a notice of arrival for a postal parcel by SMS.

Address labels directly from Posti SmartShip

Going forward, the sender will enter all of the information required for the parcel's address label on Posti SmartShip and use it to print address labels which are then attached to the parcels. The easiest way to do this is to print the address labels on sticker paper.

To order stickers, please use the material order form.

Parcels will be priced according to the contract service price list

Parcels sent via Posti SmartShip will be invoiced according to the contract service prices (PDF).

If your company's outbound parcel volume is five parcels per week or less, the best way is to send them and pay for them online using a credit card, avoiding the small invoice surcharge. Learn more about the service at