Posti will start collecting a roller cage fee


From May 1, 2017, Posti will start collecting a roller cage fee of EUR 2.50 per roller cage.

If you are using Posti's roller cages for your shipments, you do not have to invest in transport platforms and need less space in your dispatch center. Posti's roller cage is also more affordable than a FIN/EUR pallet.

The roller cage fee concerns:

  • Express Freight shipments (including Morning 09, Same-Day 00 and Evening 21)
  • Shopping Bag Delivery and
  • regional transport contracts for which the roller cage has been selected as the transport platform.

Roller cage's benefits:

  • easy to use when sending and receiving items,
  • savings in packaging materials and pallet costs,
  • efficient loading of small packages, and
  • protection of items.

With the fee, we cover the costs that Posti incurs from the use of roller cages, such as transporting empty roller cages and servicing.

On the invoice, the roller cage fee is shown on a separate row in all item details if a roller cage has been used as the transport platform.

For further information, please contact our customer service Chat is the quickest way to contact us.