Start using online services

Using Posti's electronic services is worth your while!

Register as a Posti customer: you can conveniently activate several free services that will make your life easier, and you get benefits from using these services.

Three small steps

1. Have your online bank codes ready. You will need them to verify your identity in the first session.
2. Select your online bank in the menu.
3. Proceed according to the instructions.

Check your information and make corrections if necessary. Allow email communication to obtain up-to-date information, benefits and deals.

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Registering with the electronic Posti services

You can register with the electronic Posti services when starting to use any of the services that require registration, such as Netposti or the Well-Wisher's Address Book.

You must be at least 15 years of age in order to register. Registration requires identification using your banking IDs or an identity card with a chip (HST card) granted by the Population Register Centre. You can also obtain a one-time username and password from a Posti shop. After starting to use the service, you can create your permanent username and password for Posti services or use your banking IDs.

By registering, you accept the terms and conditions of Posti's electronic consumer services and service-specific terms, after which your details will be saved in the customer register of the electronic consumer services.

You can also choose whether you wish to receive e-mails about Posti benefits, special offers and competitions.

We will communicate by default any issues related to service features or electronic accounts to all of our customers.

Terms of use for electronic customer services
File description for electronic customer services (pdf)

How can I get a Posti username and password?

  1. First log on to Posti services using your bank credentials, for example. To create a Posti username and password, go to the "My information" section in Posti's "My services" page or the "Use of the service" subsection in the "My information and senders" section in Netposti.
  2. You can also retrieve a one-off username and password from a Posti shop. To obtain the credentials, you must verify your identity. When you log in using the one-off credentials, you must immediately change your username and password to get permanent user credentials.