Nearby Mailbox at Home

The Nearby Mailbox service gives you the chance to receive mail where you want it, e.g. to a mail slot instead of a mailbox along the street.

  • With the Nearby Mailbox service, you can direct the delivery of day mail. Newspapers delivered in early-morning delivery are not delivered to a Nearby Mailbox without a separate agreement.
  • Each solution is agreed on together with the customer. We price the service on a case-by-case basis according to the length of the deviation from the normal delivery route.
  • The service contract may apply to a single mail recipient living in a detached house or a housing corporation or all mail recipients of a housing corporation.
  • If you wish to sign a joint service contract for the entire housing corporation, see our business customer website for more detailed information on ordering the Nearby Mailbox for Housing Corporations service.

Nearby Mailbox for Housing Corporations

Ordering the service

Request an offer for the service. When you accept our offer, you also order the service.

When requesting an offer, let us know the address for which you are ordering the service and describe the location of the mailbox. We handle the offer in local mail delivery and may contact you with regard to the mailbox location and the launching of the service. Request an offer well in advance! That way you get the service when you want.

Request an offer for the service online

Service price list


Publication Home Delivery (Extra Charge)

We deliver a publication within the scope of early-morning delivery from the delivery location included in the order price to another location, either to the publication's order address or its vicinity. Make an agreement on the service with our customer service. The service contract can be made by a single mail recipient or a housing corporation concerning all mail recipients in the housing corporation.

Service price list


Posti's delivery services for the elderly and people with mobility impairment

People aged over 75 years and people with mobility impairment are entitled to receiving Posti's basic delivery to the boundary of the plot or to an apartment-specific mail slot. The service is provided free of charge to the permanent address of the mail recipient.

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The placement and acquisition of a mailbox

When you get yourself a mailbox, pay attention to its usability. The mailbox must be large and provide good protection for mail. Ensure correct mail delivery and furnish the mailbox with your name and address details.

More information about the placement of a mailbox