Nearby Mailbox

Nearby Mailbox offers you the opportunity to receive your mail at a desired location. For example, people living in detached houses may receive their mail into a letterbox on their door. Housing associations and people living in apartment buildings may also agree on a different kind of mail delivery system. You can also agree that the mailbox in your summer residence be transferred to the edge of your own lot or along your road.

Nearby Mailbox at Home or at a Summer Home

The Nearby Mailbox service enables you to control how Posti delivers your standard delivery. If you have ordered the service, your regular mail will be delivered into a letterbox, a mailbox, or another place that is not your regular mail delivery spot. The service is subject to a charge and you can make an agreement ordering service through the web service or by contacting the Posti Customer Service by phone. The service pricing depends on the selected service and how long a detour the mailman has to make from the regular route. The service is available if the deviation from the regular delivery route is 2 kilometers or less.

Please note that the service only applies to standard delivery. Unless a separate contract is signed, newspapers included in early-morning delivery will not be delivered to a Nearby-mailbox.

When ordering the service, please make sure that you have ordered a simultaneous Holiday Mail forwarding service. When the Nearby Mailbox service is in use, mail will not be forwarded unless you have also ordered the Holiday Mail forwarding service. You can ensure that the mail delivery starts at the right time by ordering the Nearby Mailbox service at the latest five weekdays before the desired starting date.

Ordering the service

You can order a Nearby Mailbox at a Summer Home service through the web service or by calling the Posti Customer Service.

Ordering Services

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Service price

The Nearby Mailbox service is a service subject to a charge. You will always be sent an invoice for the service. The service will be priced based on the specific distance.

Price list
Mailbox placement and purchasing a mailbox

When purchasing a mailbox, you should pay attention to its usability. The box must be sufficiently large and adequately protect the mail. You must also include your name and address on the mailbox to ensure error-free mail delivery.

More information on how to correctly place a mailbox