Mail delivery interruption

Make sure your mail is stored safely during your holiday by requesting mail delivery interruption. We will store your mail and you can pick it up at your own postal outlet after the holiday.

  • This service is subject to a charge. It is available for a minimum period of one week and a maximum period of two months.
  • Mail accumulated during the interruption period can be picked up at your nearest postal outlet on the second business day after the interruption period. Mail items are not delivered for collection during the service.
  • Please note that during the interruption period, we will return items requiring signature and items with a notice of arrival to senders pursuant to the storage periods specified in Posti Ltd's general terms of delivery or on demand of the sender.
  • Ordinary items are stored at postal outlets for 14 days after the interruption period. If the items are not picked up, they are returned to the senders.
  • The service is personal to you. When ordering, please provide us details of all the persons (e.g. family members) who are affected by the interruption.


The most inexpensive way to order mail delivery interruption is online.

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