Netposti in Cooperation

Netposti's sender companies and communities use different methods to market their own consumer bills, pay slips and other electronic letters. The salaried employee or the recipient of the bill can obtain information on how to receive their letters in Netposti as an attachment to their pay slip or bills, in an HR or customer magazine, by e-mail or in Netposti brochures. Here are some examples of coordinated marketing activities. 

DNA Oy is a Finnish data communications group that provides consumers, organizations and businesses with premium state-of-the-art voice, data, mobile and television services. DNA has over three million mobile and landline customers. DNA offers comprehensive data communications services related to contacting, information searching, security and entertainment.

DNA has started a campaign, which includes an iPhone giveaway, to inform its customers about the ease of receiving digital invoices in Netposti. Customers can read about the service on attachments included with their monthly bills, on the DNA website and in a newsletter.

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S-Pankki Netposti combines online banking with secure informational communication. S-Pankki Netposti is campaigning for the activation of the electronic service at the online bank's website and in an attachment of printed Visa bills. Several travel vouchers have been raffled among those who have activated Netposti through S-Pankki.

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The purpose of Säästöpankki is to support its customers’ financial well-being and easier management of finances. By merging Netposti with its online bank, Säästöpankki helps its customers stop using physical folders at home and go digital. Säästöpankki customers are encouraged to use Netposti by communicating it on the bank’s website, customer magazine and as attachments of printed Visa bills.

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Finnair wants to be a responsible cosmopolitan who takes the environment into account in all of its operations. An increasing number of Finnair employees receive their payslips in Netposti, where they can be accessed at any time, anywhere. Information about electronic payslips has been supplied in an attachment to printed payslips, on the intranet, HR magazine and at internal meetings.

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The Finnish Transport Safety Agency (TraFi) works for traffic safety and environmentally sound traffic and promotes an information service concerning vehicle traffic. Consumers may choose to receive their vehicle tax notes in electronic format in Netposti instead of printed ones.

TraFi has provided its customers with information about Netposti as an attachment to vehicle tax notes and raffled navigators among those who have opted for vehicle tax notes in electronic format in Netposti.

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Hobby Hall, part of Stockmann Group, markets Netposti e-invoice receiving and archiving to its customers. Hobby Hall customers are informed about Netposti through a catalog appendix, the Hobby Hall website, the electronic newsletter, and printed invoices.

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