Features and Benefits

Feature           Description

Announcement of a new letter

You will receive a free-of-charge announcement of a new electronic letter by email and/or by a text message if you prefer (the text message option is an additional service which is subject to a fee).


Electronic letters received by you are automatically archived and will be kept for seven years free of charge. If you like, you may purchase more archiving time for letters older than seven years. The available additional service also allows you to archive your own documents in Netposti, regardless of their file format.


You can receive your e-invoices, letters from the authorities, payslips, laboratory results and other official letters in the same place electronically and securely. No junk mail is sent to Netposti. All your letters will always be delivered through well-known information logistics operators.

Delivery speed

You will receive electronic letters one or two days earlier than the corresponding printed letter.

Environmentally sound

An electronic letter is fully carbon neutral. An electronic letter saves paper, printing chemicals and energy required for printing out the letter, inserting it in an envelope, and sorting and transporting it. Electronic letters do not create waste.


Can be accessed anywhere at any given time. Electronic bills can be received and paid for in the same location in a bank-independent way. In addition to automated archiving, you specify a letter and document archiving method that particularly suits your needs. This will save you time and effort, as you will not have to put physical documents in folders.

How to pay bills

No more entering payment data! Copy the payment details in one go to the online bank by using the numeric barcode supplied by Netposti (bank-independent).


Number of users

Over 450,000 (03/2013)

Number of senders

10,000 (companies, communities) (as of March 2013)

Official documents

The service allows for a convenient process with the authorities. Over 8,000 official public administration forms are available. Some of them can be sent as electronic online forms directly to the authority in question.


You can specify reminders for your letters to, for example, remind you of the due date of a bill, or of handling the matter related to the letter in question. You can specify free-of-charge email reminders and/or text message reminders if you prefer (the text message option is an additional service subject to a fee).

Secure service

Yes. The use of Netposti requires that both the sender and the recipient register to the service, which means that there is no risk of receiving junk mail. Electronic letters are read over a secure SSL connection. Everything takes place automatically within the information system from the sender to Netposti, and the secrecy of correspondence is not jeopardized. It is also easy to dispose of electronic letters in a secure manner.