Receiving electronic letters

What kind of letters can be received electronically?

Netposti is not an e-mail service, it's an alternative to the traditional mailbox: a paper letter you previously received through your mailbox can now be sent electronically via Netposti. The letters can include messages from the authorities, bills, pay slips or healthcare messages.

Only companies and other organizations can send letters to Netposti. Postcards, invitations and direct marketing ads will continue to be delivered as paper letters and postcards to your mailbox.

I want to receive letters electronically. What do I have to do?

The idea of Netposti is to replace the paper letters with the electronic versions. To receive letters only electronically you need to select electronic delivery method for your senders.

You can select electronic delivery method when you activate your Netposti. The easiest way to do this is to select the electronic delivery method for all 4000 current Netposti senders. Through this selection, all new senders that join the service are also automatically selected. Even if you select all, you will only receive electronic letters in Netposti from senders who would send letters to you in any case. Normally, this means that you are a customer or an employee of the sender in question.

You can also select, per sender, from which senders you wish to receive electronic letters without paper versions. You can change the sender settings at any time.

Can I receive e-invoices to Netposti?

Yes. The e-invoice is a consumer invoice which the invoicer sends electronically to the recipient in place of paper letters. You can order your bills as e-invoices to Netposti. E-invoice service is provided by Itella IPS Ltd. The e-invoices are received in Netposti as electronic letters.

How do I know that e-letters or e-invoices have been sent to my Netposti mailbox?

You will receive a notification to an e-mail address of your choice of any new letters that have been delivered to Netposti. Notifications sent by e-mail are free of charge. It is also possible to receive new mail notifications by SMS instead of or addition to e-mail. The SMS messages carry a cost and will be invoiced with your phone bill.

Are the e-letters in electronic format originally?

Yes. Electronic Netposti letters are produced from electronic files delivered by sender companies to printing service providers. On the basis of the material, the letters are printed, placed in envelopes and posted, alongside an electronic letter sent to addressees registered with Netposti. Paper letters are not printed if the company in question is using the electronic Netposti service and the recipient has indicated, within Netposti, that they would prefer to receive an electronic version of the letter only. In other cases, an electronic letter will be sent to Netposti and the same letter will be printed on paper and posted.

The whole process is managed automatically within the information system, all the way from the sender right through to Netposti, and privacy is ensured at all stages.

Will an electronic letter reach me faster than a paper letter?

Yes. An electronic letter arrives in your Netposti mailbox one or two days before the corresponding paper letter could reach you.

Netposti and archiving

What can be archived?

Netposti provides its users with free-of-charge letter archiving for seven years. Once the free-of-charge archiving period for a letter or several letters has ended or is about to end in two months, a notification will be sent to you. If you wish to store letters that are more than seven years old in your Netposti archive, use the additional archiving services that are subject to a charge.

Besides basic archiving, Netposti provides an additional archiving service where you can you can add your files, such as texts, tables, drawings, pictures and compressed files.

How the archive helps me?

Upon arrival, letters will be archived automatically in a folder created by Netposti based on the month of arrival. Netposti will also automatically create folders on the basis of the classification added by the sender to each letter, e.g., a bill, payslip, or healthcare message. You can create your own personal folders in Netposti to meet your individual archiving needs.

In practice, all folders are simply ways of accessing one archive, i.e., the archive only contains one copy of each letter or file, but you can search, group, and organize letters in different ways with the help of different folders.

Your Netposti archive can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. If you like, you can save content from your archive to your computer.


How to pay bills?

Ease of paying

You can select your online bank for payment. Most invoices include the bank's barcode, the content of which Netposti can provide in numeric format and decode it for you to read. The easiest way to pay a bill is to use this barcode in numeric format, as it includes the information required for payment. Using the code makes it easy to transfer all the necessary information error-free in one go from Netposti to the payment form of your online bank, without having to type the due date, amount, payee's account number and reference number.

Does Netposti provide a reminder functionality?

Yes. You can attach reminders to your letters and files to remind you about the due date of a bill or about something else related to the item in question. Netposti will send your reminder by e-mail or by SMS. Receiving reminders by SMS is a chargeable additional service of Netposti, and the expenses of the service will be invoiced with your mobile phone bill.

What else does Netposti provide?

Complete forms online

Via Netposti, you can browse and fill in electronic forms provided by various organisations. Maintained by the relevant organisations, these forms are always up to date. E-form information will be delivered to the recipient in accordance with an agreement with the organisation responsible for the relevant form.

Netposti Lehdet service

The Netposti Lehdet service provides traditional magazines for readers as digital facsimile editions. In the service, it is possible to purchase magazines' individual issues, or make annual subscriptions at prices that are often lower than printed editions. There are also free magazines available to read. The Netposti Lehdet service is in Finnish.


Is Netposti safe?

Letters sent to Netposti are read over an encrypted SSL connection, which is just as safe as using your online bank. Your personal information and the contents of letters can only be accessed by you as the user. Everything takes place automatically within the information system all the way from the sender to Netposti,so the privacy of correspondence is not threatened at any stage. Since all senders are identified, you will not receive any spam.

All material sent to Netposti is managed in compliance with postal, letter and banking secrecy, the guidelines of the Data Protection Ombudsman and Posti Group s Information Security Policy. We use standardised data transmission methods and encrypted connections.

Activating Netposti

How can I become Netposti user?

It is fast and easy. Netposti is a free online service provided by Posti for all persons over 15 years of age who have a Finnish social security code. It is also required that person's post address can be found from Posti's systems. You can register with the service using your online bank user ID, a Posti username or a chip ID card issued by the Population Register Centre. Then the service can be accessed immediately.