Send a domestic parcel

Pakettiautomaatti on helppo tapa lähettää ja vastaanottaa paketteja

Save time and money by sending your parcel directly from a Parcel Point or purchase affordable transport for your parcel from the web or using Posti's mobile application. You can leave a pre-paid parcel in any Parcel Point or Posti outlet, and XXS parcels to a mailbox.

Save money by paying online or using a Parcel Point

Prices by paying online

SizeMax weightMax DimensionsPriceTake a parcel
XXS 2 kg 3 x 25 x 35 cm 5,20 € to a mailbox
S 35 kg 11 x 36 x 60 cm 5,90 € to a Parcel Point or Posti outlet
M 35 kg 19 x 36 x 60 cm 7,90 € to a Parcel Point or Posti outlet
L 35 kg 37 x 36 x 60 cm 9,90 € to a Parcel Point or Posti outlet
XL 35 kg 59 x 36 x 60 cm 11,90 € to a Parcel Point or Posti outlet
XXL 35 kg 100 x 60 x 60 cm 19,90 € to Posti outlet
XXL Plus 35 kg 150 x 80 x 60 tai
300 x 30 x 30 cm
39,90 € to Posti outlet

The minimum weight of all parcels is 100 g and minimum dimensions 3 x 10 x 15 cm except 1 x 15 x 15 cm for the XXS parcel.

Pay for the parcel online


Instructions for sending a parcel:

  1. Pack the parcel ready for dispatch. See also instructions for packaging.
  2. Write the following information on the parcel: the name, address and phone number of the sender, and the name, address and phone number of the recipient. You do not need an address label.
  3. Pay for your parcel in advance online or select "Send parcel or letter" in Posti's mobile application. Select the size measuring the outer dimensions of your parcel and fill in the requested information. You do not have to weigh the parcel, but make sure that it does not weigh over 35 kg (XXS less than 2 kg).
  4. Pay for the shipment and save the Helposti code.
  5. Take the parcel to a Parcel Point and open the locker using the Helposti code. You do not need an address label or an Helposti code />OR
    Take the parcel to a Posti outlet (an XXS parcel always to a mailbox). Write the Helposti code on the label and attach the label to the parcel. You can obtain labels from Posti outlets or from Posti online shop.


Send from Parcel Point

Posti Parcel Points are an easy way to send and receive parcels. At a Parcel Point, you can send a parcel to another Point in Finland or Estonia, or to any Posti outlet in continental Finland. Payment can be made conveniently with a debit or credit card with a chip. (see the above table).

Easy sending:

  1. Pack your parcel and write down your name, address and telephone number and addressee´s name, address and telephone number. You don´t need an address label.
  2. Select ''Send parcel'', choose a place where you wish to send the parcel. You can choose a parcel terminal (Posti Parcel Point) in Finland, Estonia or an outlet in Finland. When sending a parcel to a parcel terminal, choose the destination terminal from the list. When sending to an outlet, you will need the recipient's postal code. For both destinations, you will need the recipient's cell phone number for sending the notice of arrival. PLEASE NOTE. You cannot send items to the Åland Islands from parcel terminals. Additional services are not available for cash customer.
  3. Choose locker size. Select S, M, L, or XL according to the parcel size. The parcel terminal features the inside measurements of the lockers. This selection determines the fee to be charged.
  4. Pay for the item with a debit or credit card with a chip. The payment terminal is located below the touchscreen. Once the item has been paid, a locker door will open up.
  5. Place the parcel in the locker and shut the locker door. If you wish to receive a receipt, press the ‘Receipt' icon. The receipt includes the item tracking code. You can still cancel the item and payment of the parcel if you have selected a wrong size for the locker, for example. The parcel will be delivered to the parcel terminal or outlet of your choice. The recipient will get a notice of arrival by cell phone.

Delivery times


When you leave your parcel at a Parcel Point by 4 p.m. on any weekday, the parcel will normally be delivered on the following weekday (or Saturday). Each Parcel Point is emptied and filled on weekdays from Monday to Friday. The Parcel Points in the capital region, Turku and Tampere and are emptied and filled on Saturdays. Please note some Parcel Points have a different, earlier emptying time differing from 4 p.m., due to their location. You can check the emptying time of your Parcel Point on the Parcel Point start screen and on the Parcel Point map view.

Location of Parcel Points

Parcel Points are situated in places with large customer volumes, such as shopping centers and stores selling consumer goods.

Send via Posti Parcel Point

The most affordable way is to purchase parcel transport from Posti's website, using a mobile application or from a Parcel Point. You can also pay for parcel transport at any Posti service point. You can choose from three different parcel products, depending on your need.

The Parcel with Number is an easy way to send parcels from a Posti outlet without an address label.The parcel is delivered to the selected Posti service point. The notice of arrival is quickly sent to the recipient as an SMS message. You can send the Number parcel from hundreds of the largest Posti outlets.

The traditional Postal parcel includes an address label and a printed notice of arrival with day mail. Its storage period is 14 days. You can send postal parcels from all Posti outlets.

The Parcel to the Doorstep is delivered directly to the recipient's doorstep at the agreed point in time. You can send Parcel to the Doorstep parcels from all Posti outlets

Parcel prices

Max weightThe Parcel with NumberPostal parcelThe parcel to the Doorstep
2 kg 8,10 € 9,90 € 19,90 €
5 kg 9,60 € 11,90 € 21,90 €
10 kg 10,80 € 13,90 € 23,90 €
15 kg 14,40 € 15,90 € 25,90 €
35 kg 20,30 € 20,90 € 30,90 €

Minimum Dimensions 25 x 15 x 3 cm ja Maximum dimensions 100 x 60 x 60 cm. The minimum weight for all parcels is 250 grams..