Domestic Letters


Send a letter when you want to communicate, touch someone and convey a powerful message. If you send valuable items or money, use an insured shipment.

Basic Letter

Letters are delivered on 1-2 days. Basic letter has no item ID, so tracking is not available.

Maximum weightDomestic priceDomestic no-value indicator stamp
50 g 1,30 € 1pcs  
100 g 2,00 €    
250 g 2,60 € 2 pcs  
500 g 5,20 € 4 pcs  
1000 g 7,80 € 6 pcs  
2000 g 13,00 € 10 pcs  

Stamps are sold in Posti outlets and Posti online Shop.

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Letter classes are combined at the beginning of 2017.  The old 1st or 2nd class no-value indicator stamps, as they will always be accepted. More information about stamps.

Art Post II -merkit

Express Letter and pre-paid envelopes

Express letter

Express Letters are a secure way of having important messages delivered the next working day. Prices:

  • Weight max 250 g: 7,80 €
  • Weight max 2 000 g: 15 €

Pre-paid Express Envelope

Pre-paid Express Envelopes are easy-to-use cardboard envelopes for urgent messages. Just fill in the sender and addressee details, attach a barcode and take to a postal outlet Prices:

  • 9,20 €/pcs
  • 46 €/set (5 pcs)
  • 184 €/set (20 pcs)

All-in-One envelope

The All-in-One envelope is all you need to mail your letter inside Finland. The envelope includes a prepaid postage fee; all you need to do is add the recipient's address. Envelope sizes available: C4, C5 (with large window panel), E5 (with window panel). Prices:

  • size C5- and E5 € 38/set (20 pcs)
  • size C4 € 70 /set (20 pcs)

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