This service lets you check the addresses and opening hours of post offices. It also shows the time by which letters and parcels have to be posted for them to go in that day’s post. Searches can be done by postal code, town, district or municipal area.

To search:

Enter your search criterion.

  • Postal code (e.g. 00100).
  • City/town (e.g. Oulu).
  • Name of district (e.g. Hervanta) or municipality (Tuusula).

Searching by criteria other than the postal code may produce several results. Select the correct option and search again. The search is not case-sensitive.

You can use the % sign as a wildcard to replace part of the search word.


Pa%i Post offices whose names begin with “pa” and end in “i”.
Tam% Post offices whose names begin with “Tam”
%pudas Post offices whose names contain “pudas”
Pudas% Post offices whose names begin with “Pudas”


If you can’t find the right post office or if the results seem strange, check that you have entered the correct postal code or name.