You can use the Delivery Time Inquiry to check how quickly we can deliver letters and parcels to the desired recipient. Choose the most suitable option to ensure timely delivery.

The Delivery Time Inquiry also shows the opening times and visiting addresses of post offices for sending and collection, and the times by which items must be posted at each post office.


Enter the postal code, post office name or district name of the sender and recipient in the designated fields. If using a town name, several options may be displayed. Select the correct post office and conduct the search.

Delivery Time

This shows you the weekday on which your item should be delivered if the search result was either first or second working-day delivery.

Posting date 1st working day 2nd working day
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Wednesday Thursday Friday
Thursday Friday Monday
Friday Monday Tuesday
Saturday Monday


N.B. The table does not take bank holidays into account.


If you can’t find the right postal code or if the results seem strange, check that you have entered the correct postal code. If necessary, you can check the right postal code with our Customer Service.