Posti’s service outlets

Our approximately 1,100 service outlets offer our consumer and business customers diverse services for sending, receiving, and managing other postal affairs. You can pick up and send mail items and buy stamps, mailing and packaging materials, and gift products. The selection of services and products varies according to the service outlet.

Full-service postal outlets

Posti’s network of service outlets is composed of approximately 1,000 postal outlets that provide you with a full range of all of Posti's services.

Pickup outlets

Collect and send parcels and customer returns and buy stamps.

Business service outlets

P.O. Box services for companies, pickup of deliveries, sending pre-paid items or items subject to the pricing service.

Parcel Point

Collect and send parcels.

Home delivery and pickup-sign service

You can also order delivery to your doorstep. In sparsely populated areas, you can use the home delivery and pickup-sign services


You have around 7,000 letterboxes at your disposal.

Services in sparsely populated areas

In sparsely populated areas, you have access to free-of-charge home delivery and the pickup sign service when the journey to your local postal outlet is long.


Stamps are available from 3,500 stamp retailers.