Post Museum


Post Museum will move to Tampere

The new Post Museum will be opened in Museum Center Vapriikki in Tampere in September 2014. There will be lots to see and experience in the atmospheric Tammerkoski setting.

Throughout history, people have communicated with each other in many ways. Since 1638, Posti has carried messages in Finland through a regular delivery network. The almost 380 years of Posti includes many kinds of emotional events, brilliant co-incidences and unforgettable stories. The Post Museum covers postal activities from postal peasants on foot to today's digital mail communication and logistics.

The function of Post Museum

The Post Museum, founded in 1926, is one of the oldest specialist museums in Finland. The museum investigates, records and exhibits phenomena related to postal operations and mail communication and related information and goods deliveries. The Post Museum has a comprehensive selection of artifacts and photos, as well as all stamps published in Finland, and a large number of various special philatelic collections. The Museum has Finland's only public philatelic specialist library related to postal history, which includes books and extensive archive material.