What to take into account when installing and putting up a mailbox and a group of mailboxes

Acquisition, installation and maintenance

Mail recipients are responsible for obtaining, installing and maintaining their mailboxes and for paying any costs incurred by them.

If the mailboxes are positioned in a group, the mail recipients may position the boxes individually, or the owners of mailboxes in the same group may mutually agreed on building a mailbox stand. The mailbox stand may be made of metal or wood, for example. When installing mailboxes, the durability requirements should also be taken into account, such as the snow pressure from the snow plough in winter.

When putting up a mailbox or a mailbox stand, avoid the use of a iron bar. It is safe to carefully dig with a shovel, as there may be sensitive municipal engineering equipment in the ground. Usually, the local electricity, telephone and district heat company provides information about the precise location of cables.

The mail recipients shall ensure that the mail deliverer has unrestricted access to the mailbox or a mailbox group. If the mailbox or mailbox group is positioned in a public area or the property of another mail recipient, the mail recipients shall mutually agree on the maintenance of the driveway or access route to the mailbox or mailbox group.

Posti shall be liable for repairing damage incurred to the mailbox or mailbox group by the regular maintenance of a public driveway or access route.

What is a good mailbox?

When obtaining a mailbox, you should take into account the delivery volumes, ease of use, safety and functionality under different weather conditions.

It is easier for the mail deliverer to do their work when the slot of the mailbox has enough room to open, so that it is easy to slide the mail into the box. The mailbox slot must not have any sharp edges which could injure the mail deliverer.