Delivery services for special groups

Posti's special services for sparsely populated areas

 In sparsely populated areas, when the journey to the nearest postal outlet is more than five kilometers, the customer can order free-of-charge home delivery of postal parcels and other signed deliveries which are originally allocated for collection from the postal outlet. The service can be ordered on a per shipment basis from  Posti's customer service.

Exceptions: The service is not available in the capital region, Turku or Tampere. Service is not available where address is other than recipients home address.

Sending mail from your mailbox

In specified scarcely populated areas, consumers may mail small volumes of prepaid ordinary letters and even parcels  by leaving them in their own mailboxes and using a pickup sign. The prepaid ordinary letters and parcels will be picked up for delivery when incoming mail is delivered to the mailbox. (Items that are left in the mailbox for pick up, should be small enough to fit completely in.)

 The right to this service can be checked at Posti’s customer service.

Posti delivery services for the aged and the physically handicapped

Upon request, a physically handicapped person and a person over 75 years of age is entitled to get their mail delivered to a mailbox placed either at the plot boundary in the drive or access connection, or apartment-specifically to the mail slot. The service is only provided to the mail recipient's permanent address. A permanent address is the mail recipient's primary address that is valid until further notice and is the mail recipient's main address.

The precondition for exceptional delivery is that all mail recipients in the household are entitled to have the service. However, a physically handicapped or a 75-year-old mail recipient, who regularly or repeatedly has to be alone when residing in a shared household, so that it is considerably more difficult for him or her to collect the mail, is also entitled to exceptional delivery.

The local mail delivery unit's discretion may be used to identify physical handicaps other than those caused by old age, or the customer can be asked to supply a medical certificate where this is indicated.

The service applies to Posti's basic delivery, that is, mail delivery during the day, not early-morning paper delivery or parcel delivery. The local publishing company always specifies the early-morning paper delivery. Parcels are delivered according to Posti's service terms. The sender may choose a service where the parcel is delivered to the doorstep of the recipient. For parcels picked up at a postal outlet, the recipient may order a paid home delivery.

To agree on delivery service, customers can deliver a service request via the web service or contact the Posti customer service.