Frequently asked questions

Item Tracking

How can I find out if my item has been delivered?

You can track the progress of your item on the Internet at

The item tracking only indicates the following information: ”Posti has been informed of an incoming shipment.” When will we receive our shipment?

We have only received an electronic advance notification (EDI) for this shipment. This means that the item has not yet arrived for transport by Posti; please wait patiently for a little longer. However, if plenty of time has passed since the EDI message, please contact the sender of the shipment.

The item tracking indicates “Rerouting”. What does this mean?

When the tracking indicates "Rerouting", the recipient uses Posti's Parcel routing service for consumers. This means that the parcel is directed to a collection point selected by the recipient-for instance, the nearest Parcel Point.

The most recent entry for the shipment is sorted. When will we receive our shipment?

Usually, parcels are delivered the next working day after sorting. Please note that between some destinations, longer delivery times apply. Please check the delivery time with the delivery time inquiry.

The delivery time of tracked letters depends on the selected service. Please check the delivery time with the delivery time inquiry.

Why was the shipment sorted more than once?

For some routes, the shipments are sorted at several sorting points. If the shipment delivery time has been exceeded, please contact the customer service (link in the contact details). Please check the delivery time with the delivery time inquiry.

The item tracking indicates that there has been a delivery attempt. We have been at the address, why was the shipment taken to an outlet?

It is possible that there has been an obstacle at the recipient's, due to which the shipment could not be delivered. Reasons can include a door access code, the ground floor door being locked, access by car hindered, pets. If there has been no obstacles at the recipient's, the driver has visited the address and ringed the bell or buzzer, but no-one opened the door.

The item tracking indicates that there has been a delivery attempt – why didn’t anyone call us?

In the case of the Parcel to the Doorstep service, the recipient should be called to schedule the delivery.

In the case of an Express Business Day Parcel, the shipment should be delivered to the recipient by 2 pm. No phone call is included in the service.

The item tracking indicates Transferred for handing over. What does this mean?

If home delivery from the outlet was ordered for the shipment, this entry refers to that.

If home delivery from the outlet was ordered for the shipment, this entry refers to that.

The shipment has bee routed to a postal outlet and it has been sent forward to another postal outlet. Reasons for this can include the recipient's wish to transfer shipments, changes in services, the shipment's incorrect routing or possible change of address.

The tracking indicates “Returned from outlet”. What does this mean?

The storage time of the shipment has expired, and it has been returned to sender.

We sent a shipment abroad. Why does the item tracking not indicate any information after the shipment left the country?

Please check the country information if there is a tracking service for the shipment type in question in the destination country.

If there is no tracking, the departure from the country will be the last entry.

Even when there is a tracking service in the country of destination, the information will not be updated in real time. Please check the country information for estimated delivery times. If the shipment delivery time has been exceeded, the recipient can contact the nearest postal outlet or the customs for the shipment.

When the item tracking indicates that the shipment has been placed on a shelf at the Customs office, what shall we do?

The shipment has been directed to the Customs and it is waiting for customs clearance. Directions for customs clearance are available behind this link.

After completing the customs clearance procedure, when are we going to receive our shipment?

When the Customs releases the shipment, you will receive a release notification. The shipment will arrive at Posti for delivery the next working day and will be transported in accordance with the regular delivery times. Please check the delivery times here.


I dropped a letter in the letterbox without a stamp. Is there anything I can do about it?

Letters or parcels sent with an inadequate payment indication or entirely without a payment indication will be delivered to the addressee’s local post office as redeemable items. The addressee will be sent a notice of arrival with which the letter or parcel can be collected from the local post office. In addition to the inadequate postage payments, the addressee will be charged a redemption fee of EUR 3.00 per item.

A letter dropped in a letterbox without a postage fee cannot be retrieved.

How can I ensure that my parcel will not break during delivery?

If your parcel includes fragile goods, you should select the Fragile additional service or a transport insured delivery. In addition, the parcel should be packaged carefully in order for it to be delivered undamaged.
Packaging Instructions
Fragile Items
Valuable Items

Why must the parcel be marked with the sender’s details as well?

If for some reason the parcel cannot be delivered to the addressee – due to an unclear or outdated address for example – Posti will return the shipment to the sender.

What cannot I send by post?

You find information about prohibited items and restrictions on If you’re sending the item abroad, please study also the country information.

How fast is my item at the recipient’s?

You may check delivery times for different items from our Delivery Time Inquiry.

What are the size limits for ordinary letters?

The size limits for ordinary letters:

Domestic letter: min. 9 x 14 cm and  max. 25 x 35,3  x 3 cm.  Items thicker than 3 cm have to be sent as parcels.

International letter: min. 9 x 14 cm and max. 25 x 35,3 x 2 cm. Items thicker than 2 cm have to be sent as Maxiletters or parcels.

How do I konw that the item has arrived?

You may follow the item’s journey with the tracking code on Regular 1st and 2nd class letters don’t have any tracking. When needed check with the recipient if the letter has arrived.

Can I send a Christmas greeting card with a no-value indicator abroad?

The no-value indicator stamp for Christmas greeting cards is intended for domestic Christmas greetings to be mailed on a specific date at the latest. The no-value indicator stamp for Christmas greeting cards can also be used on other items when combined with additional stamps.

Can I send a normal letter with no-value indicator stamps for Christmas greeting cards?

You can use the no-value indicator stamps for Christmas greeting cards throughout the year when you pay the remaining part of the value. You can check the value of a Christmas no-value indicator stamp on Posti's website.

How do I know the price of the no-value indicator stamp for Christmas greeting cards?

The prices are shown, e.g. for Christmas greeting cards, at Posti's website.

The price of the no-value indicator stamp for Christmas greeting cards is indicated one month before its publication and is valid from the publication date of the new stamp. The value of old no-value indicator stamps for Christmas greetings will change to match the new value on the publication date of the new stamp.


Why is the daily mail delivered at different times?

Mail delivery time is influenced by the amount of mail as well as the weather conditions and changes in the delivery route. In accordance with our delivery conditions, mail will be delivered on weekdays by 4 p.m.

Why is a shipment sometimes delivered incorrectly even if the address details are absolutely correct

Even though mail handling is mostly automated it still involves a lot of manual labour, which is why delivery mistakes, though rare, are possible.

Are freesheets placed in mailboxes and mail slots with a “no advertisements” sign?

Posti does not deliver freesheets to slots with a “no advertisements” sign if the sender has mailed them non-addressed to specific postal code areas. Posti wants to respect the “no advertisements” preferences of mail recipients and follows the non-addressed delivery rules issued by the Finnish Direct Marketing Association. A “no advertisements” sign means that no non-addressed deliveries are delivered to the address in question. This means that Posti does not deliver unaddressed papers (e.g. city and parish papers) to slots with a "no advertisements" sign. Exceptions include public announcements, such as government or municipality bulletins or magazines concerning all citizens. These items always include a text saying that the item is a public announcement delivered to all households. The senders of publications always decide whether the items are delivered with or without addresses.

Will mail be delivered if the address details of the shipment are incomplete?

Yes, most likely it will be, but the delivery may be delayed. Efficient mail delivery is based on accurate, complete and clearly marked address details. Mail is sorted and handled several times before it is delivered to the addressee, and, for instance, if the postal code includes even a small error the shipment may be directed to the wrong locality during machine sorting. This may cause a delay of one or two days. Furthermore, if there are no address details, the shipment cannot be delivered.

What happens to shipments with incorrect or unclear address details?

Letters not suitable for post centres’ sorting machines are sorted manually, and if the addressee cannot be verified, the item will be returned to the sender. If the sender cannot be verified, the shipment will be delivered Posti’s Item Investigation Services in Jyväskylä. This service will try to clarify the details of the addressee or sender with the help of Posti’s extensive address register.

If this is not successful the items will be delivered to Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority unit. This unit has the permission to open letters and parcels to try and find information on who the item belongs to. Incomplete, outdated or unclear address details often cause delays in letter delivery.

Letter class reform 2017

What is the combining of letter classes all about?

Posti will simplify the sending of letters by combining the 1st and 2nd letter classes. The new service to be introduced at the beginning of 2017 will take the letter to the destination in 1-2 days.  Most letters will already reach their destination on the following day, as in the current 1st class.
This will also simplify the sending of letters for customers. Stamps with a single value will be offered for use in domestic letters weighing max. 50 g at the beginning of 2017. Next year, it will nevertheless also be possible to send domestic letters using the old 1st or 2nd class no-value indicator stamps, as they will always be accepted.

Why are letter classes combined?

Maintaining separate letter processes for consumer letters is no longer profitable because letter volumes are falling. We want to offer reliable service in a cost-effective manner. Even in the new model items will be delivered to the destination in 1-2 days, most of them on the following day.

Can I use old 1st and 2nd class no-value indicator stamps in future?

Also old no-value indicator stamps (both the 1st and the 2nd class) will still be accepted for sending max.  50 g letters in Finland.

Will the classes of international letters also be combined?

Priority and Economy letters with two delivery speeds can still be sent abroad in accordance with international postal agreements.

Does the change concern letters sent by companies?

This change does not concern Priority and Economy letters sent by companies as contract customers.
The change concerns domestic letters paid with stamps and other payment indications for cash customers, such as the All-in-One envelopes and thermal printer stickers used in Posti.

Do you refund or redeem old 1st or 2nd class stamps?

Even after the reform both 1st and 2nd class no-value indicator stamps can still be used for sending domestic letters. Therefore, Posti will not refund or redeem old stamps.

Will there be changes to the All-in-One envelope?

All-in-One envelopes will be transported according to the new letter class from the beginning of 2017.  In future, All-in-One envelopes will be printed using the new letter payment indications.


Where is my shipment?

Posti offers tracking for domestic and international parcels and letter services with a tracking number.

Regular 1st and 2nd class letters don’t have any tracking. If necessary, be in contact with the sender.

You can use the address to track your item.

If you cannot find the item with the tracking code you entered or the information seems to be incorrect, this may be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Typing error: Check the item code you entered. You can also find it at the bottom of the printout page. Enter the code without spaces.
  2. The item has not yet been registered in the system.
  3. The item has not yet been left for delivery by Posti.
  4. The item was mailed more than 2,5 months ago.
  5. There are discrepancies in the system’s data or the shipment. If necessary, you can contact Customer Service.

Can I collect my shipment from the post office without a notice of arrival?

You can collect your item without a notice of arrival if you have a tracking code provided by the sender. For instance, a domestic parcel code has 21 characters – JJFI followed by 17 numbers. When collecting an item, the person collecting the item must always provide proof of identity.

Why is the delivery ID needed?

Mail items are picked up from the postal outlet with the notice of arrival sent to your home address, or with the delivery ID you get from the sender. It is also possible to get an electronic notice of arrival by SMS or email. For that, the sender must sign a contract with Posti on the delivery of an electronic notice of arrival.

The person collecting the item must always provide proof of identity.

According to Posti's delivery and contract terms, parcels picked up from an outlet are handed over when you show the delivery ID. The person picking up the item does not need to be the person entered as the recipient and does not need a power of attorney. The current policy enables flexibility between family members, for example. If a name were used to pick up the item, only the person named on the parcel or a person authorized by them could pick up the parcel. However, a registered and insured mail item will only be handed over to the recipient or a person authorized in writing by the recipient.

How long will my item be held at the post office?

Items will be stored at the postal outlet for 14 days.

Why does Posti record my personal identity number?

When handing over a Registered Letter, a Letter with Advice of Delivery or an Insured Item, Posti records the personal identity number of the person signing for the item. Furthermore, in a proxy, the authorized person must be identified by providing his/her personal identity number. The right to process the personal identity number is based on the Finnish Postal Act and the Finnish Personal Data Act. When handing over parcels, Posti verifies to whom the item is being handed over and records the final part of the personal identity number on Posti's copy of the receipt. Posti does not disclose personal identity numbers to the sender or any other party. Personal identity numbers are recorded in order to be able to determine to whom the item was handed over, if necessary.



What kind of identity Documents does Posti accept?

A personal identification document can be a valid passport, driver’s license, ID card issued by a police authority and KELA card with picture, alien’s passport, diplomatic passport or refugee’s travel document. An old cardboard driver’s license is also accepted as a proof of identity if the person can be recognized in the photo.

In the event that a person’s last name has changed, an identity document issued with the former last name is accepted only if the person presents, in addition to the identity document, an extract from the population register with regard to the change of name.

Authority ID cards or facilities’ own ID cards are not accepted without an official identity document.

A photo identity document issued by a foreign authority without the final part of the personal identity number is accepted as a proof of identity. Instead, a residence permit is not alone acceptable as evidence of personal identity, but the permit holder must also come with a passport or other acceptable evidence of personal identity A copy of an identity document is acceptable only if it is accompanied by an authority’s statement that indicates that all identity documents are in the possession of the authority.

I wasn't home when the parcel was delivered. My number was on the parcel label. Why wasn’t I called?

Posti has parcel products, which are delivered to the recipient the next day by 2 pm at the latest. The services are particularly suitable for companies’ operations, because their basic price does not include a more specific delivery time. The phone number may sometimes be necessary even though the recipient is at home during the daytime, because, for example, a downstairs door may be locked. The service includes one delivery attempt and, if the recipient is not at home, a notice of arrival is left and the parcel is sent to the post office for collection.

Parcels to the Doorstep that are sent by private customers, must always contain the recipient´s telephone number. The time of delivery will be agreed with the recipient.

A Maxi letter was sent to me. Why did I have to collect it from the post office?

Maxi letters are delivered to the address given as long as they are possible to deliver taking into account the size of the letter and the delivery method used. In other cases, a notice of arrival is left for the Maxi letter and the item is sent to the post office where it is available for collection. Pick-up is possible the following weekday (working day).

It isn’t said on the notice of arrival who the sender is. Why can’t I find it out by calling Posti?

The privacy of correspondence involves also the information of the item. Because of this we cannot tell who the sender of the letter or parcel is.

May someone else pick up the item for me?

If the item is a regular postal parcel someone else may pick it up for you with the tracking code and identification with photo. If the parcel is registered or the item is a Registered letter, a Letter with Advice of Delivery or an Insured item a proxy is required. The sender may also restrict that the item will only be handed over to the receiver personally.

What shall I do if I don’t have the time to pick up my item within the storage time?

If no one else may pick up the item for you be in contact with the sender. The sender may prolong the storage time for parcels up to 14 calendar days (for domestic parcel service only). You find more information about modification in service on

What shall I do when I’ve received a notice of arrival of an item that requires customs clearance?

You may choose from three options for how the customs clearance is handled. The alternatives you find on

General information about Posti’s products and services

Does Posti ask for my online banking details?

Posti do not send their customers e-mails or text messages containing direct links to login pages or asking for online banking details, account numbers or credit card numbers.

We would like to ask our customers to be on the lookout with regard to potential phishing messages.

Instructions for customers regarding potential phishing messages:

  • Do not open suspicious messages or links
  • Do not reply to the message
  • Never hand over your online bank user ID or password to anyone
  • If you have received a phishing message, opened a link in the message and entered even a part of your online bank user ID at a phishing site, contact your bank immediately and tell them what has happened.
  • Identification using online banking details is in use in certain Itella and Posti services (such as Netposti), but these services direct customers to the identification only from the service in question, never by e-mail.
  • The address of a secure login page (SSL secured) begins with “https” and usually displays a padlock icon in the browser.
  • If you wish, you may report the phishing message (if the link in the e-mail leads to a site with a strange address that looks like an online bank site) to the National Cyber Security Centre of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority by forwarding the e-mail to

What is a universal service parcel?

As specified in the Postal Act, a universal service parcel is a parcel of up to 10 kg each (Postal Parcel product) or a parcel of up to 20 kg each arriving from abroad that has been paid in cash and is to be collected from the office or outlet.

What’s the difference between 1st and 2nd class letters?

You may choose to send a letter in the faster 1st class or more affordable 2nd class. Letters in 1st class are usually delivered on the next working day following posting. More affordable 2nd class letters reaches the recipient after two nights. Read more

Customer service

Why can’t I call an individual post office directly?

Phone calls are centralised in a customer service which is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  This way, post office employees can concentrate on serving the customers in the post office.

The customer service uses the same data systems as the post offices so, for instance, the information concerning an arriving parcel is also available via the phone service. Of course, if necessary, the phone call will still be connected to the desired post office.

Does it cost something to call the Customer Service?

Our customers pay a local network charge or mobile phone call charge to their operator for calling Customer Service. The call charge begins immediately when the call is connected, so queuing for Customer Service is also subject to charge. There are no other charges for calling Customer Service.

Are phone calls to customer service recorded?

All phone calls to customer service are recorded. Recordings are used to secure the rights and legal protection of both customers and Posti. The recordings may also be utilised in the internal training of personnel for the purpose of developing customer service and improving quality.

What are the opening hours of post offices?

You can find the addresses of post offices from our web pages by using the Post Office Search. You can use a postal code, city or municipality name or the name of a district or municipality district as the search criteria.
Post Office Search

Where is my nearest post office?

You can find the addresses of post offices from our web pages by using the Post Office Search. You can use a postal code, city or municipality name or the name of a district or municipality district as the search criteria.
Post Office Search

Addresses and postal codes

How can I submit a change of address?

You can submit a change of address to Posti and the Local Register Office online at or use the form which is available at all postal outlets.

What happens to mail sent to an address that has expired?

Posti will investigate the address of letters and universal service products (Postal Parcel product) and forward them to the correct address of the mail recipient as set out in the Postal Act.

What items are forwarded on the basis of a change of address?

The law says that based on a change of address, letters and universal service products are forwarded (Postal Parcel product). The delivery speed of the forwarding service has not been determined.