My Pickup Point

With Posti’s My Pickup Point Service you can choose where to collect parcels you ordered from an online store. For the service you should always select the parcel terminal you would most like to use. The service works for the majority of parcels with “Posti” selected as the delivery type. For example, part of incoming international parcels will be routed to the selected parcel terminal (pickup point), but depending on the delivery type used by the online store, not all of them. This is due to the fact that, especially with parcels from abroad, the delivery type may be different from Economy parcel. Also, some parcels sent by cash customers i.e. consumers are routed using this service.

Routing parcels using the My Pickup Point Service is free of charge. It is also good to remember that using the service may delay the delivery of a parcel by 1 days.

Use the My Pickup Point Service to avoid queues and get your parcels delivered to just where you want them.

Start using the service

How to activate the service

1.Sign into the My Pickup Point Service, either using your online banking password, or your Posti username

2.Enter your mobile phone number

3.Accept the terms and conditions and approve your basic information

4.Select the desired pickup point using the postal code, for example.

The service will then be available to you. You can change the pickup location as often as you want. If you do not want your parcels routed, turn the service off for the desired period of time

Activate the service

How to use the service in online stores

1. Select the desired items for the shopping basket

2. Enter address as your shipping address and select Posti as the delivery type

3. Enter the same mobile phone number that you used for the my pickup point service.

4. Complete the rest of the order normally.

5. Posti recognizes the parcel and routes it via the my pickup point service to your selected pickup point.

6. When the package is ready to be collected from your chosen pickup point, you will receive a text message.