1. Pack

Pack your parcel and write down your name, address and telephone number. This information is required if Posti needs to return the parcel. Do not enclose a parcel address label in the parcel. The terminal will print out a parcel label when the terminal is emptied.

See packing materials in Posti webshop - specially designed for parcel point locker sizes (in Finnish)

2. Select ‘Send Parcel’.

On the display, choose a place where you wish to send the parcel. You can choose a parcel terminal (Posti Parcel Point) in Finland, Estonia or an outlet in Finland. When sending a parcel to a parcel terminal, choose the destination terminal from the list. When sending to an outlet, you will need the recipient’s postal code. For both destinations, you will need the recipient’s cell phone number for sending the notice of arrival. PLEASE NOTE. You cannot send items to the Åland Islands from parcel terminals. Fragile Items and COD additional services are not available for cash customers.

3. Choose locker size.

Select S, M L, or XL according to the parcel size. The parcel terminal features the inside measurements of the lockers. This selection determines the fee to be charged.

4. Pay for the item.

The terminal will indicate the price of the parcel. Pay for the item with a debit or credit card with a chip. The payment terminal is located below the touchscreen. Once the item has been paid, a locker door will open up.

5. Place the parcel in the locker.

Shut the locker door. If you wish to receive a receipt, press the ‘Receipt’ icon. The receipt includes the item tracking code. You can still cancel the item and payment of the parcel if you have selected a wrong size for the locker, for example. The parcel will be delivered to the parcel terminal or outlet of your choice. The recipient will get a notice of arrival by cell phone.

Terminals and Tracking