When you need a delivery to be made in the morning, use the Morning  additional service.

Basic Product Information
Destination Countries


Delivery Time

Delivered to the addressee by 9 a.m. on the working day (Mon-Fri) following posting. Available within separately defined locations.

Delivery Time Inquiry

Indications and Codes

Tick the “Morning” section of the Parcel to the Doorstep address label.



The service includes a second delivery attempt by 5 p.m. on the same day, if the addressee could not be reached on the first attempt. If the addressee cannot be reached on the second delivery attempt, a notice of arrival will be left and the addressee can collect the item at a postal outlet.

The service is subject to a delivery time commitment: if the item cannot be delivered in keeping with the service commitment, the transport fee can be refunded.

Delivery Terms

Delivery Terms

Other Specifications

This service cannot be used in conjunction with COD, Flex or Large additional services.

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