Flex additional service

Parcels to the Doorstep with an additional service Flex are delivered to the addressee at an agreed time.

Basic Product Information
Destination Countries


Delivery Time

Delivered to the addressee at a time agreed with the recipient in areas and between locations defined in the Delivery Time Inquiry.

Delivery Time Inquiry

Indications and Codes

Tick the “Flex” section on the Parcel to the Doorstep address label and enter the addressee’s phone number.


The recipient is contacted in order to agree on the delivery time. If the recipient is not reached, a contact request is submitted in order to agree on a delivery time.

Delivery times: Monday to Friday.

Delivery Terms

Delivery Terms

Other Specifications

This service cannot be used in conjunction with  additional service Morning nor can it be used for deliveries to the Åland Islands.

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