COD (Cash on Delivery)

If you use COD when making a delivery, the addressee can only collect the item from a postal outlet by paying a sum determined in advance by you.

The payment will go into your bank account (in any bank operating in Finland). The sum will be available in your account 2–4 banking days after payment.

The maximum COD amount is EUR 8400.

In traffic between private individuals, the sender can give permission to inspect the parcel content prior to conformation and payment (see instructions, Delivery terms page 3).

Basic Product Information
Destination Countries


Indications and Codes

Tick the “COD” section on the address label. Also fill in the COD sum, your account number in IBAN-form and the BIC-code and a payment reference, if applicable.


If you send COD items as a Multiple Package Shipment (Parcel to the Doorstep), each item must be equipped with a Posti-approved address label, filled in fully with identical text in all regards except for the tracking code. You will only be charged once for the COD service.

Delivery Terms

Delivery Terms

Other Specifications

The sender is responsible for ensuring that the account number and any reference numbers are entered correctly on the address label. Should the account, reference or currency information be defective, Posti is not liable for delays of payment transmission or for any damages incurred. No notifications are given for payment transactions.

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