If you can’t be there, send a parcel. We can be relied upon to transport your shipments. 

Select the method of delivery according to your parcel’s size, the speed of delivery, service level, or the preferred price. Also, find out more about the wide range of additional services available in connection with parcel delivery.

All of Posti’s domestic parcels are delivered in an environmentally friendly manner.

Did you know that our modern parcel terminals are now available in all major cities, from Helsinki to Rovaniemi? You can pick up your online shop purchases and send parcels conveniently while taking care of your other daily errands.

Valuable items

When you are planning to send cash, securities, or other valuable items, use the appropriate services. Insure the item or register the letter and verify the recipient's identity. Find out more about the available options

International Services

Posti provides you with safe, economical, and fast ways to send goods abroad.

Select the most convenient pickup outlet

You can now choose the Posti outlet you want to pick up your parcels from, regardless of your home address.

Returned items

Find out how to return a parcel

Online Services

By registering you get access to all Posti's services.
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