Delivery terms for nearby locker service

1. Scope of Application

These terms of delivery shall be applied to an agreement between Posti Ltd (posti) and the consumer (Customer) in the Nearby locker service.

2. Content of Service

In the Nearby locker service, the Customer leaves a parcel in a Posti Parcel Point to be picked up. Upon leaving the parcel, a notice of arrival containing the Parcel Point’s locker opening code is sent to the recipient’s telephone number given by the Customer. The parcel is kept in the Parcel Point for 7 days.
Posti has the right to dispose of any parcels not picked up after the storage period. Where necessary, the Customer can contact Posti Parcel Point customer support by calling +358 100 85933.

3. Piloting

The Nearby locker service is a pilot project in which information is collected on the demand for and effectiveness of the service. The service is available in April 13–May 29, 2016 in the following Posti Parcel Points:


• Lauttasaari: K-Supermarket Lauttasaari, S-market Itälahdenkatu
• Vallila: S-market Vallila
• Kallio: S-market Hakaniemi
• Käpylä: Mustapekka, K-market Masurkka
• Kannelmäki: Prisma Kannelmäki


• Tapiola: Stockmann Tapiola

Posti can send the Customer questions about the service.

4. Restrictions as to Content

Contents prohibited in Posti’s generalterms of delivery  may not be left in Parcel Points.

5. Right of cancellation

Based on the Consumer Protection Act, the Customer has the right to cancel the agreement within 14 days. When the errand code has been used at the Parcel Point, it can no longer be cancelled.

6. Customer register

The names and contact details of customers are stored in Posti Ltd’s Consumer customer register. This information is used in the manner described in the file description.

7. Force majeure

Posti shall be released from compliance with the obligations under the agreement and its obligation to pay damages in case of force majeure situations, such as strikes, lockouts, other industrial action, accidents, measures by authorities, and other circumstances that could not be avoided by Posti and the consequences of which could not be prevented by Posti. Posti will make every effort to deliver its services, even under the above-mentioned exceptional circumstances, as well as possible. In force majeure situations, Posti shall be entitled, if necessary, to prioritize the execution of services in order to implement or ensure statutory obligations, the functioning of society, health, public safety, or other similar factors.

8. Applicable law and disputes

This Agreement shall be subject to Finnish law. Possible disputes will be resolved in the District Court of Helsinki. The Customer also has the right to initiate legal proceedings in the court of first instance of their home municipality or bring the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board for processing.
Contact information of the Consumer Disputes Board Hämeentie 3, PL 306, 00531 HELSINKI, tel. +358 29 566 5200,