Claim For Damages

The terms relating to the services of and damages payable by Itella Corporation have been presented for consumers and cash customers in the General Delivery Terms of Postal Services and for contract customers in the delivery, contract and product terms. The payment of damages requires that Itella has ascertained the damage.

Information regarding the damage

* Reason for the damage:
Other reason, what
Transaction number, if available:
Appendices/Account of the damage
Appendix delivery method
* Explanation of the damage:

Information on the item

* Item type: Item code or waybill number: Weight:
Other item type/service, what
Additional services, what
Name of the sender:
Name of recipient:
Delivery address:
Postal code:
Delivery address:
Postal code:
Postal service point:
Postal service point:
Date of mailing:
Place and manner of mailing:

* Applicant information and cost of damages

The amount of damages claimed,
of which the share of postage:
Total claim: Share of postage:
Customer number, if available:
* Contact person:
* Telephone:
Company name if the applicant is a company:
* E-mail address:
Business Id if the applicant is a company