Nearby Mailbox

A Nearby Mailbox gives you the chance to have mail delivered where you want it at destination. For example, the service offers households the chance to have mail delivered to the door mail slot, for example. Also housing companies or its residents can agree separately on mail delivery. Similarly, it is possible to agree on moving the mailbox to the boundary of the summer home plot or beside the cottage road, for example.

Nearby Mailbox at Home

  • This service is subject to a charge, see price list (pdf)
  • With the Nearby Mailbox service, you can direct the delivery of day mail. Newspapers delivered in early-morning delivery are not delivered to a Nearby Mailbox without a separate agreement (see Early-morning Delivery to Home).
  • Each solution is agreed on together with the customer. We price the service on a case-by-case basis according to the length of the deviation from the normal delivery route.
  • The service contract may apply to a single mail recipient living in a detached house or a housing corporation or all mail recipients of a housing corporation.
  • If you wish to sign a joint service contract for the entire housing corporation, see our business customer website for more detailed information on ordering the Nearby Mailbox for Housing Corporations service.

Nearby Mailbox at a Summer Home

We deliver mail to a mailbox at your holiday address with no extra charge, provided that the mailbox is located next to the mailboxes of year-round residents. With the Nearby Mailbox service, you can place your holiday home mailbox on the wall of the woodshed, if you wish.


  • The pricing of the service is based on making an extra stop or a deviation from the route. The service is available for a total return deviation of two kilometers at the maximum. The price consists of the establishment charge and the price of the service.
  • When ordering the Nearby Mailbox at a Summer Home service, please remember that at the same time you are ordering fixed-term mail forwarding with which you can forward mail from you home address to your holiday address.
  • Even if you only forward a newspaper to your holiday address, order the Nearby Mailbox at a Summer Home service if the mailbox is located in an unusual place.

Ordering services

Request an offer for the service. When you accept our offer, you also order the service.

When requesting an offer, let us know the address for which you are ordering the service as well as the location of the mailbox. We handle the offer in local mail delivery and may contact you with regard to the mailbox location and the launching of the service. Request an offer well in advance! That way you get the service when you want.

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Early-morning Delivery to Home

In this service, papers delivered in Posti's early-morning delivery are carried to a different delivery location than the one included in the order price. The paper is delivered to the place agreed with the customer, either to the paper's order address or its vicinity. The service contract can be made with a private mail recipient or with a housing company concerning all of the housing company's mail recipients.  See the price list.

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