Cash, securities, precious metals, gemstones, and other valuables delivered by mail must always be sent as Insured Items. Insured shipments go through special secure handling.

Insurance coverage against loss, theft and damage is limited to the agreed insurance value.

Basic Product Information
Destination Countries

Domestic and certain international countries; please check Country Information.

Some countries do not allow the sending of money and valuables by post.

Delivery Time

In Finland:
An Insured Letter can be picked up at the outlet primarily on the second weekday following its mailing and no later than the third weekday following mailing.



  • Nordic countries 2–3 working days.
  • Rest of Europe 3–5 working days.
  • Rest of the world 4–10 working days

The estimates do not include the time required for possible Customs clearance.

Insured Letters are transported internationally at the speed specified for Priority Letters.

Maximum Weight

In Finland:
10kg (From 1.11.2016 2 kg)


Maximum Dimensions

In Finland:
1,000mm x 600mm x 600mm ( From 1.11.2016 25 x 35,3 x 3 cm)

Maximum length + width + thickness = 900mm; maximum length 600mm.
In tubular form: max. length + (diameter x 2) = 1,040mm; maximum length 900mm.

Minimum Dimensions

In Finland:
90mm x 140mm

90mm x 140mm
For tubes, minimum length 100mm, minimum length + (diameter x 2) = 170mm.

Indications and Codes

In Finland:
Insured Items are equipped with an Insured Item  address label.

An Insured barcode label is attached to the item.


Insured Letters can be mailed at postal outlets, sorting offices or terminals.

A sturdy envelope or plastic letter bag is recommended for insured items. The envelope must not have an address window.

Use a wooden, metal or plastic box for items that need more protection during transport. If a box is used, it should be wrapped in a strong paper for sealing or otherwise sealed using sealing tape. All seams of the item have to be sealed, using sealing tape or otherwise.

There is a special bar code label for international insured items.

Track & Trace

Deliveries can be tracked using the tracking code attached to the item, through the Track & Trace Service or by contacting our Customer Service.

International tracking works in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland.


Only in Finland:
A notification of arrival of an Insured Item is delivered to the addressee.

Items are only handed over at the delivery address against the signature of the addressee or a person authorised by the addressee. If the sender specifies that the item may only be delivered to the addressee, no one else is authorised to receive it.


The prices of Insured Letters are determined by the weight and additional services.

Payment Methods


Delivery Terms

Delivery Terms

Compensation grounds for mail items


Only in Finland:
Deliveries will be retained at the postal outlet for 14 days. The notice of arrival indicates the deadline for picking up the delivery from the outlet. A second notice of arrival will not be sent.

Forwarding from outlet to outlet will not extend the combined retention period at different outlets.