Cash On Delivery

Use the COD service when you wish to ensure that the recipient pays for the delivery before receiving it.

Basic Product Information
Destination Countries


Indications and Codes

The item will be provided with a COD address label with an individual tracking barcode.


Deliveries using COD as an additional service can be mailed at a postal outlet, sorting office or terminal. Posti can also collect items from the sender (service subject to charge).

Track and Trace

You can track the status of items using the tracking code provided, by using the Track & Trace System or by contacting our Customer Service.

If the sender uses a reference number, it will be shown on the payment data. When bank reference is not used, recipients (payer’s) name is shown on payment data.


The addressee receives notification of  COD deliveries on an address label detached from the item.

Deliveries using COD as an additional service are delivered to the addressee or an authorised person against a signature once the payment due for the delivery has been received.


A delivery charge is added to the transport charge.

Payment Methods


Delivery Terms

Delivery Terms


Deliveries that cannot have been handed over to the recipient will be retained at the outlet for two (2) full calendar weeks in addition to the week of arrival*. The notice of arrival indicates the deadline for picking up the delivery from the outlet. A second notice of arrival will not be sent.

Forwarding from outlet to outlet will not extend the combined retention period at different outlets.

*The storage period will be updated on April 4 2016. Items will be stored at the postal outlet for 14 days.

Restrictions as to Content

Posti can only assume responsibility for cash, securities or other valuables if they are sent as Insured Items.

Other Specifications

Cash on Delivery and SEPA

The Cash on Delivery service is now fully SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) compliant as of April 1, 2011. IBAN bank account numbers and BIC codes according to the SEPA specifications must be used for Cash on Delivery items as of April 2011.

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