No-Value Indicator Stamps

The stylish NoValue Indicator Stamps are valid for the payment of letter postage year after year. In Finland, the value and sales price of No-Value Indicator Stamps correspond to the postage fee of a First or Second Class letter weighing up to 50g.

It also serves as an instalment of the same value for other universal service products in Finland and abroad.

Universal service products include the following items paid with common cash payment methods:

  • Letter deliveries up to 2 kg each, excluding Express Letters
  • Postal parcels and postal parcels abroad of up to 10 kg each
  • Registration and insurance services for the above-mentioned items.

No-value indicator stamps for domestic and international items and for Christmas greeting cards will be published in November. Read more

You can buy First and Second Class no-value indicator stamps in handy rolls of 100 self-adhesive stamps. In addition, First Class stamps come in sheets of 50.

Sets of 100 stamps:

First Class

Second Class
EUR 120,00 €

EUR 110,00 €