Customised stamp

You can create a Personalized stamp from a photo of your choice. It is unique, personal and ensures your message will get extra attention.

Personalize your stamp and add the final touch to cards and letters – or give your personalized stamps as a gift!

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Basic Product Information
Delivery Time

1st class mail will mainly be delivered on the next business day following posting.

2nd class mail will mainly be delivered on the second business day following posting.

Maximum Weight


Maximum Dimensions

250mm x 400mm

Minimum Dimensions

90mm x 130mm


Letters can be dropped into a postbox or mailed at a postal outlet.


Delivered to the recipient's address.


One sheet of personalized stamps consists of 10 stamps. The prices for Personalized stamps are as follows:

1st class stamp €20,00/per sheet (€2,00/stamp).

2nd class stamp €19,00/per sheet (€1,90/stamp).

Payment Methods

You may pay the Personalized stamps with your online banking services or with credit card.

Your personalized stamp order will be mailed to your delivery address. 

Delivery Terms

Please observe picture copyrights and good manners. For more information, see the product terms (pdf).

Restrictions as to Content

Approving the image for publication

The image selected may be rejected by Posti Ltd if it does not meet the requirements set for personalized stamps. Any rejection will be announced to the customer by e-mail. You can replace your image, and your order will be printed once the new image has been approved. Note: Do not pay for your order again when replacing your image!

An important note on the material!

An order will be rejected if the material contains the following (the list is not comprehensive):

  • A photo of a person or his or her name, unless the person has given his or her permission
  • Material of another person protected under a copyright (e.g. comic book characters), unless the copyright holder has granted his or her permission
  • A protected trademark, unless the trademark holder has granted his or her permission
  • Illegal or inappropriate themes, or those unsuitable considering the characteristics of stamps (e.g., nudity)
  • Texts used for communication purposes
  • Official or social symbols or identifiers related to mailing operations, e.g., the words SUOMI FINLAND
  • Alcohol or tobacco products
  • If the material contains text in a foreign language, the client can be requested to provide Posti Ltd with a Finnish translation.

The order will not be processed until the order has been approved.

Other Specifications

Hints for successful pictures

  • Select well-defined pictures which draw attention
  • Take close-ups or crop narrowly
  • Carefully consider the details
  • Write sparingly and with typography which is easy to read
  • Think of the stamp as a miniature poster that is viewed in more detail and closer
  • Compare with existing stamps
  • The best results can be achieved when the image size is 800x600 pixels.
  • The file format must be JPG or JPEG and the recommended color model is sRGB (other color models are converted in the service)