Pre-paid Express Envelope

Pre-paid Express Envelopes are easy-to-use cardboard envelopes for urgent messages. They are easy to distinguish from other items. Just fill in the sender and addressee details, attach a barcode and take to a postal outlet.

Basic Product Information
Destination Countries

Domestic and overseas (different envelopes for each).

Delivery Time

Express Letters sent on working days (Mon-Fri) from postal outlet by the indicated time are delivered to addressees on the following working day (Mon-Fri) after leaving the item to postal outlet.

In designated areas, Express Letters are also delivered on Saturdays. Express Letters are not delivered on public holidays.

The delivery time commitment does not apply to Express Letters dropped into a postbox or found among other mail.

Maximum Weight


Maximum Dimensions

Cardboard envelope dimensions: 250mm x 350mm.

Maximum thickness: 20mm.

Indications and Codes

In addition to the sender and addressee details, the envelope must bear an Express Letter barcode, which you will receive when you purchase or order the envelopes.


Items must be sent from a postal outlet. The delivery time commitment does not apply to items left in a postbox.

Track & Trace

Deliveries may be tracked using the tracking code attached to the item, through the Track & Trace page or by contacting our Customer Service.


Deliveries will be made to a street address or P.O. Box, depending on the address marked on the envelope.


Express Envelopes are available from Posti shops.

Payment Methods

Express Envelopes are sold singly and in packs and can be paid for by cash or credit card.

Delivery Terms

Delivery Terms

Restrictions as to Content

Pre-paid Express Envelopes are not suitable for sending cash. The postal service will only assume responsibility for mail containing cash, securities or other valuables if they are sent as Insured Items.

Other Specifications

Items sent in Pre-paid Express Envelopes are ordinary express items; the envelopes may not be used for sending the following express products:

Saturday Delivery
City Express Day and Evening