Send a letter when you want to communicate, touch someone and convey a powerful message.
You can choose between two delivery speeds.

Basic Product Information
Destination Countries


Delivery Time

1st Class letters are usually delivered on the next working day following posting.

2nd Class letters are usually delivered on the second working day following posting.

Maximum Weight

2 kg.

Maximum Dimensions

250 mm x 353 mm x 30 mm. For larger dimensions, please see  Parcels.

Minimum Dimensions

90 mm x 140 mm.

Indications and Codes

The top of the address side of all 1st Class letters must display the number "1", write "Priority" or apply a blue Priority-sticker on them. You need not make any separate markings on  2nd Class letters.


1st Class and 2nd Class letters can be dropped into a letterbox or mailed at a postal outlet.

  • In locations with two letterboxes, you should put 2nd Class letters in the yellow box, and 1st Class letters in the blue one.
  • If the location only has one letterbox (yellow), you should put both 1st and 2nd Class letters in that box.

Letterbox locations and collection times

Payment Methods

All-in-One Envelope

Delivery Terms

Delivery Terms
Compensation grounds for mail items

Restrictions as to Content

Not suitable for sending cash and/or other valuables. These should be sent as Insured Items.

Other Specifications

If you wish the addressee to pay for the letter on delivery, you can use COD as an additional service. For this, you will need a separate address label.


Sending Instructions

Additional Services