Postcards are a traditional way of sending greetings. They are an easy way to say hello or announce brief news, address changes, etc. to friends abroad.

You can choose to send your postcard as an urgent Priority item or a less urgent Economy item. The marks to be used, other delivery terms and delivery times are the same as those of  Priority and Economy letters.

Basic Product Information
Destination Countries


Maximum Weight


Maximum Dimensions

same as regular letter

Minimum Dimensions

90mm x 140mm.


Can be dropped in a postbox or mailed at a postal outlet.


Delivered to the addressee on a standard delivery round; no signature required.


Priority postcards to anywhere in the world :EUR 1,30 each

Economy postcards to anywhere in the world :EUR 1,20 each

Payment Methods


Delivery Terms

Delivery terms


If a postcard cannot be delivered, a notification of arrival will be left with the addressee. The item will be kept at a Post Office, Poste Restante or P.O. Box for a period ranging from two weeks to two months, depending on the country. Unclaimed postcards are destroyed in the country of destination.

Restrictions as to Content

Non-rectangular postcards  should be sent in envelopes as Priority of Economy letters.

Other Specifications

The postal service will not pay compensation for lost, damaged or delayed items.