International Maxi Letters

Maxi Letter is a convenient way to send documents, objects, small articles or printed material exceeding the dimensions of a standard letter. You can choose to send your letter as an urgent Priority Maxi Letter or a less urgent Economy Maxi Letter. The marks, other delivery terms and delivery times are the same as those of Priority and Economy letters.

Basic Product Information
Destination Countries


Delivery Time

Country Information

Maximum Weight

2 kg.

Maximum Dimensions

Length + width + thickness 900mm, maximum length 600mm; for tubular items, max. length + (diameter x 2) = 1,040mm, maximum length 900mm.

Minimum Dimensions

If any width, length or thickness dimensions exceed  250mm x 400mm x 30mm

for tubular items, minimum length 100mm, minimum length + (diameter x 2) 170mm.


No Customs declaration needed for EU countries. The green Customs label CN 22 must be used for mailings to destinations outside the EU and also to the special regions outside the EU excise and value-added tax area. If the item’s value exceeds EUR 300, please complete the required number of the larger Customs declarations CN 23 in a language understood in the destination country.


Depending on the destination country, Maxi Letters are either delivered on a standard delivery round (no signature required) or a notification of arrival is left with the addressee, in which case the item may be collected from the local Post Office

Payment Methods


Delivery Terms

Delivery Terms

Compensation grounds for mail items


If an item cannot be delivered, a notification of arrival will be left with the addressee. The item will be stored at a Post Office, Poste Restante or P.O. Box for a period ranging from two weeks to two months, depending on the country.
Undelivered items will be returned to the sender. The reason for failure of delivery will be noted on the item.

Restrictions as to Content

Always send cash, securities, valuables and other means of payment, as well as gemstones, jewellery, precious metals and other particularly valuable items as Insured Items.
We recommend sending items of particular value as a Parcel or Registered Letter.
Contents may not include the following:

  • Substances classified as dangerous
  • Substances and articles prohibited by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • Articles prohibited by Posti’s General Delivery Terms
  • Articles prohibited in the destination country

Prohibited Items

Other Specifications

The postal service will not pay compensation for lost, damaged or delayed items.

Sending Instructions