International Services

Posti offers a number of convenient services for sending messages and small goods abroad. Please keep in mind that the contents must allow air transportation and that they may not contain dangerous goods.

international letters and cards

Personal correspondence

We offer a number of flexible and inexpensive services for personal correspondence and for marking special occasions, also available for overseas mail.

valuable items

Valuable items

Please note that cash, securities, precious metals or products made of precious metals, and any other shipments containing valuables must be sent as insured items. Registered letters are the right choice when you need a receipt of the mailed item. The delivery is handed over to the recipient or his or her proxy against a signature.

Maxi letter

Maxi letter

Maxi letter (maximum weight 2 kg) provides you with a convenient way to send documents, articles, small goods, and printed materials that exceed the dimensions of a conventional letter overseas.

Expres letter

Urgent shipments

Exprès Letter is an inexpensive letter service for urgent documents and small goods. Express Parcel Abroad Document Delivery is a scheduled transport service to more than 180 countries.