A letter from Santa Claus brings joy

A letter from Santa Claus brings joy

Receiving a letter from Santa Claus makes the anticipation of Christmas even more magical. The Santa’s Letter sold at postal outlets is sure to delight the youngest members of the family, and even adults caught up in the Christmas Spirit. What could be more exciting than an envelope with your own name on it and a letter signed by Santa Claus himself inside! The letter also includes a surprise..

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Basic Product Information
Destination Countries


Delivery Time

Santa's letters, if ordered by the annually varying deadline, are delivered to the recipient by Christmas.

Indications and Codes

Santa's Letter will be postmarked with the Arctic Circle postmark.


You can order Santa’s Letter any time of year. The final order dates for the Christmas season for domestic and international letter deliveries are defined separately each year.


The addressee receives a folded A4-size. The letter will be mailed in a C5-sized envelope.


The price of Santa’s letter to all countries is EUR 7.90.

Other Specifications

The letter is available in 13 languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, Polish and Russian.