A real postcard is memorable

A real postcard is memorable

Send a card to surprise a friend, tell them how you are doing or just say hi. A postage stamp of your own design completes the item.

Basic Product Information
Destination Countries


Delivery Time

Individual letters can also be sent as inexpensive 2nd Class letters, reaching the recipient on the day after tomorrow, or as 1st Class letters, reaching the recipient tomorrow.

Postcards sent as 1st Class post are usually delivered on the next working day following posting, and those sent as 2nd Class post usually arrive on the second working day following posting.

Maximum Weight


Maximum Dimensions

250mm x 353 mm.

Minimum Dimensions

90mm x 140mm.

Indications and Codes

The top of the address side of all 1st Class cards must display the number "1", write "Priority" or apply a blue Priority-sticker on them. You need not make any separate markings on  2nd Class cards.


You may leave 1st and 2nd Class letters to letterboxes in addition to postal outlets.

  • In locations with two letterboxes, you should put 2nd Class letters in the yellow box, and 1st Class letters in the blue one.
  • If the location only has one letterbox (yellow), you should put both 1st and 2nd Class letters in that box.

Letterbox locations and collection times


Postcards are delivered to the addressee’s street address.


1 class Postcard 1,20 €

2 class Postcard 1,10 €

Payment Methods


Other Specifications

The address field is only for name and address details, not, for example, for advertising slogans. Customer numbers and other identifiers must be placed above the addressee’s name.

Finland is the first country in the world to receive all mail through carbon neutral delivery. All letters, papers, packages and direct advertisements delivered by Posti are carbon neutral. All products are automatically carbon neutral without any extra charges for customers.