Electronic letter

The Netposti service decreases expenses and improves customer satisfaction. Offer your customers the opportunity for letters to be delivered electronically to Netposti.

An electronic letter benefits both the sender and the recipient

Netposti provides companies and authorities with the most versatile overall solution in the market. Your letters are delivered to the recipient safely and with appropriate authentication. Netposti is quick, affordable and environmentally friendly.

Netposti can be used, for instance, by an employer for sending payslips or by a physician for sending laboratory test results. As a sender, you can save money, offer better customer service and improve brand visibility by using an electronic letter. When recipients receive their letters according to their wishes, customer satisfaction also improves. The content and appearance of an electronic letter are identical with a paper letter. However, electronic letters may include many functionalities, such as links to additional information and to an online store.

You can get Netposti from your information logistics operator. Partners cooperating with Netposti are: Apix Messaging Oy, CGI Suomi Oy, Edita Prima Oy, Evry AB, Hansaprint Oy, Liaison Technologies Oy, OpusCapita Oy, Posten Åland Ab, Ropo Capital Oy,  PostNord Strålfors Oy, Tieto Finland Oy, YAP Solutions Oy.