Verification Service corrects information in advance

Verify and correct information when entering it to the register. There are four service levels, which can be adopted together or separately. The service operates as a browser version or it can be integrated into your own system. The pricing of the browser version is based on the number of verifications carried out and the amount of information found, whereas the pricing of the application integration is based on the service level used, a monthly fee and the number of verifications.

Service levels

  Kontakti Online Service Verification Service Online Application integration

Address information verification 

Verify the correctness of the delivery address at the customer service, at the web store cashier or via another online service.  Those using the Magento e-commerce platform can activate real-time address verification as a module, which means that no separate integration is needed.

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Verification of customer information 

At the customer service, you can verify the correctness of your customer's name and address information, as well as, for instance, that a person is of age. Using the service allows you to reduce the number of duplicate customers created in the customer register.

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Invoice recipient information verification

The service allows you to ensure the correctness of the name and address information and personal identity number of the consumer to be invoiced. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the risk of invoicing fraud, such as acting under another person's identity. 

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