A Reply Mail activates the customer

A reply mail item is an easy way for your customer to place orders, respond to an inquiry and request contact. It is free of charge for the customer, and you only pay for returned items and the service's monthly fee. The reply mail item is also suitable for making declarations to the authorities.

Domestic Posti Economy Reply Mail


When you have concluded a service agreement, you will receive an item ID that is subject to a charge. You can also use information codes as a supplementary service in your reply mail items, so you will receive your reply mail items sorted according to information code. You can place orders and make changes to the reply mail item or the information code using the web form. The customer is responsible for printing the item and payment indication or having it printed.

Reply mail item payment indication is a rectangle, recommended size 30 x 40 mm and color black. The address marking to be written on Economy reply mail items is of the form:

The postal code 00003 VASTAUSLÄHETYS is always used in Economy reply mail items.

Domestic Express Reply Mail

Laboratorionäytteiden lähettäminen

Laboratory samples delivered safely and in perfect condition on the next day.

The Express Reply is suitable for customers receiving laboratory samples. Tracking is available for the item as Express supplementary service by attaching an express label onto the item. The Express Reply is delivered on the next day between specific localities. The Express Reply can be sent to customers who have an agreement with Posti on the use of the Express Reply service. Read instructions on how to send a laboratory sample as an Express Reply Item.

Posti Specimen Item

A reformed service for sending laboratory samples through Posti SmartShip starting from January 1, 2017

The service addresses the need for delivering letter-sized animal or human laboratory samples quickly and reliably on the next day. The service includes the speed of an Express Letter and tracking.


The Sample Item is sent in a package with yellow and black stripes.
Minimum size: 90 x 140 x 0,2 mm, Maximum size: length + width + height maximum 900 mm, maximum length 600 mm, Maximum weight: 2 kg.

Address marking

The address label of a Specimen Item, which can be printed from Posti SmartShip, is used on sample items together with the Specimen Item's postal code in which the second digit is always 1 and the final digit is 6.

For example, the recipient's address is Postintaival 7 A, 00230 Helsinki, Finland. When a Sample Item is sent to the address, the address is Postintaival 7 A, 01006 Helsinki, Finland

Additional services
Saturday Delivery and Payer other than the sender. 

International Reply Mail Service

Kansainvälinen vastauslähetys

The service is available all over the world. It is an easy way to collect answers and feedback. The International Reply Mail Item increases the amount of feedback as it is easy to use and free of charge for the sender. The recipient only pays for the actual returns.  

International reply mail items can be maxi-sized in many European countries. This allows for returning small goods, so an international reply mail item is included in the services of a remote seller selling goods to overseas destinations.

The reply mail item can be a preprinted coupon, envelope, card or box. Its indication includes two thick horizontal lines. The horizontal lines must be 3 mm thick and placed 14 mm from each other.

The indications should be made in English and/or French. All indications should be printed in a dark color, preferably black or dark blue, so that they stand out well from a light-colored background. They can be printed on an adhesive label. Handwritten indications are not accepted.

International reply mail items are returned to Finland at the speed of a Priority letter. They are sorted and delivered at the speed of a domestic Priority letter. Markings are printed in French or English and the postal code is FI-00003 HELSINKI

Maximum weight for international service

2 kg Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland 
1 kg   Germany and Italy
50 g Other countries (Not available to Bulgaria)