Returns are a part of the service

An online store that has signed a customer return contract can offer its customers product returns free of charge. The return can be left in a mailbox (items under 3 cm thick), to a postal outlet or a Parcel Point. The web store will receive an invoice for the postage fee of the return.

It is not possible to add additional servies to Customer Return. The item is always subject to special handling if the contents are fragile or the dimensions exceed 120 x 60 x 60 cm. If the web store does not offer returns free of charge, the customer pays the return fee. If the item is not collected within the storage period, the postage fee of the return has not been paid and the original sender has no customer return contract, Posti will charge the fee from the recipient of the item to be returned, i.e. the original sender. The basis is the Economy Letter price list. The additional cost for Maxi Size is added to large-sized letters.

It is possible to return items collected from a Parcel Point through a Parcel Point. It is currently not possible to use Parcel Points for returning items if they have been directed to Parcel Points through the Parcel Routing Service.