Posti SmartShip – ordering channel for Transport Services

The current printing and ordering channels for transport documents, Prinetti address label printing software and freight SmartShip, were replaced with the new Posti SmartShip on October 3, 2016. The service covers parcel and freight services, and will later include also trackable value letters. The use of the Prinetti user interface will be discontinued in March 2017, and the interfaces integrated with Prinetti will no longer work after 2017. The use of the current freight SmartShip channel will be discontinued in summer 2017.

Logging in to Posti SmartShip will be based on transaction codes. Posti will provide the company's administrator with a transaction code, and the administrator can grant access rights to other employees. If your company does not have a transaction code yet, you can order them here.

See how Posti SmartShip works

You can test the service using the demo version. Log in at

Username: postidemo
Password: Smartship1


  • Messages will not be forwarded (EDI, transportation order, etc.)
  • Information cannot be saved, which means that sender, recipient or dispatch history data are not saved
  • Address labels cannot be used in transports by Posti (the word TEST is displayed over the bar code)