Changes to online services and ordering channels

We want to make it even easier for you to use our online services. We will implement changes to our online services and how users sign on. The changes will be communicated on this page. More information will be provided as the renewal process moves forward.

Changes to online ordering channels in 2016

We will further improve the reliability and usability of our ordering channels in spring 2016. The electronic mailing list will be renewed, and we will also improve the reliability of the Contact and PTP (mailing desktop) tools.

We will make it easier for you to select posting places and times via PTP, we will introduce a new service channel for placing transport orders, and we will implement a clearer invoice format. The new ordering channel will replace Prinetti and SmartShip in 2016.

In the future, you can also use Posti's service portal to access various reports, such as reports on your company's purchases. Going forward, the Corporate Address service can be ordered via Posti's electronic ordering channel. We will also offer you credit card payment as a new payment option.

Franking machine service

The web-based service for topping up postage for franking machines will be renewed. Following the changes, the credentials required to use the service will be common with Posti's other services.

Changes to electronic services

Posti's Extranet service was redesigned in January 2016. If you have added the Extranet to your Favorites or Bookmarks in your browser, you will be automatically redirected to the new service. We have also redesigned the login page and administrator's tool. Read more in the press release.

Logging in to Posti's service portal will be based on transaction codes. You can access the portal through the Services portal on our website. Your company's usernames and passwords will remain unchanged.

The administrator will have access to a new, easier and quicker tool for user management. If you are a contract customer (invoicing customer), you can order an administrator username via our website. We will create an administrator account for your company, and the administrator can then set authorizations for other users. If you are a new user, please contact your company's administrator in order to obtain transaction codes.

In the future, you can use the transaction code to sign on an even larger number of Posti services. You can also use the service portal to access various reports, such as reports on your company's purchases. The Company Change of Address services is also available through transaction codes.