Changes to letter services

On this page you can find information on the changes to letter services that will take effect over several stages in 2017. There will be changes in areas such as the delivery speeds of services. This page will be updated as we progress with the changes.

Batch size threshold and item weight changes as of January 2, 2017

The first batch size threshold of domestic Economy and Priority letters (Port Payé) and standard letters will be 1-299 pcs as of January 2, 2017.

In addition, the maximum weight of large C4 standard letters for domestic Economy and Priority letters (Port Payé) will be reduced. The new maximum weight will be 100 g.

Ordering of trackable letters from the Posti SmartShip ordering channel as of January 3, 2017

In future, trackable letters can be ordered easily from the Posti SmartShip ordering channel on Posti service portal. Starting from January 3, 2017, the following services can be ordered on the new ordering channel: 

  • Registered Letter (also international 
  • Letter with Advice of Delivery 
  • Posti Insured 
  • Posti Sample Item for sending laboratory samples 

Mail Services that include a primary product and a supplementary service will be moved to Posti SmartShip later during the first half of the year.

  • Priority Letter + Express supplementary service 
  • Priority and Economy letter + Cash on Delivery supplementary service

You can also order trackable letters from the electronic mailing list until further notice. The use of the electronic mailing list will be discontinued when the use of the Prinetti user interface will end in March 2017. The interfaces integrated with Prinetti will no longer work at the end of 2017. If your company does not have transaction codes yet, you can order them here. For more information on the renewal, see SmartShip for Transport Services.

Changes to delivery speeds as of March 6, 2017

The delivery speed of Economy letters will be slowed down by one weekday as of March 6, 2017. Following this change, an Economy letter will usually reach its recipient on the third weekday following the posting day. For example, if you mail an Economy letter on Wednesday, it will usually be delivered to the recipient on Monday. You can expedite the delivery speed of Economy letters by using the Sorting Service if the batch size or partial batch size is at least 25,000 letters. The mailer company must sign an agreement with Posti regarding the use of the Sorting Service. When your mailer company uses the service, your letters will usually be delivered on the second weekday following the posting day. Read more about the Sorting Service.

The delivery speed now The delivery speed in 2017

Economy letters

Port Payé 2 weekdays 3 weekdays
Franking machine 2 weekdays 3 weekdays
Pre-Paid Envelope 2 weekdays 3 weekdays
Priority letters  
Port Payé 1 weekday 1 weekday
Franking machine 1 weekday 1 weekday
Pre-Paid Envelope 1 weekday 1 weekday
Pricing Service letter 2 weekdays 2 weekdays
Value letters 2 weekdays 2 weekdays

Changes in delivery days (the date of the change will be informed later)

Following the reforms to delivery days, Economy and Priority letters will not be delivered on Tuesdays. If you put a Priority letter in a mailbox on Monday, it will reach its recipient on Wednesday.

Value letters and the printed notices of arrival for domestic value letters will not be delivered on Tuesdays. Electronic notices of arrival will be delivered on every weekday, including Tuesdays.

We will continue to offer the express letter product for customers who need to have a letter delivered to the recipient quickly. Express letters are delivered on the next weekday, including Tuesdays.

For customers who have ordered the pick-up and delivery service, we will continue to deliver and pick up items five days a week, but Tuesday deliveries will be subject to the same changes as Tuesday daytime deliveries in general. Read more about the reforms to delivery days.

Consumer letter classes combined

The sending of letters paid by stamps will be simplified by combining the 1st and 2nd letter classes in 2017.

The new service to be introduced at the beginning of 2017 will take the letter to the destination in 1-2 days.  Most letters will already reach their destination on the following day. Letters will receive a new no-value indicator, but they can still be mailed using the old 1st or 2nd class no-value indicator stamps, as they will always be accepted.